The Nest Children´s Home in Limuru currently cares for 22 babies of imprisoned mothers and abandoned babies. They are fed, cared for and loved by our housemothers in the Nursery…


At the Nest Children´s Home girls and boys each sleep in their own dormitory. These are some the boys…


…and the girls!


All the children at the Nest – young and old – are involved in the daily duties. They help with the laundry, the garden, the kitchen and even feeding the little ones. Yet they always find plenty of time to play…


There is also enough time to learn how to read and write! Most of the older children go to public school whilst the younger ones are taught by a teacher within the Children´s Home. At the end of a busy day everyone is hungry!


Some of our children have undergone traumatic experiences. They need lots of time, care and especially love to heal on body and soul.

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On so called “visiting days” the children are taken to see their mothers in prison. For most mothers and children this tends to be a very emotionally stressful experience…