Christmas story 2013

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Christmas 013

british-flag.jpg Every Christmas the children at The Nest get to hear a special story. This year’s story was about two different cities. The green city and the grey city. Incidentally as the story developed it turned out that the grey city was better than the green city. The grey city had people of little or no income but rich in virtues. The green city had the wealthiest people but empty of virtues. Christmas is about the goodness of heart and not the material wealth and partying beyond giving Jesus a warm welcome.

We hope you all had a meaningful Christmas! And we thank all our friends for their goodness of heart! May you be blessed through out 2014. Happy New Year!


Ausflug in den Regenwald / Gatamaiyu Forest

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german-flag.jpg Es ist schon fast zur Tradition geworden, dass wir einmal im Jahr mit den Kindern aus dem Nest einen Ausflug in einen der wenigen verbliebenen Regenwaldgebiete Kenias zu fahren. Der “Gatamaiyu Rainforest” ist ein Schutzgebiet, in dem man noch Urwaldriesen, Wasserfälle und allerlei Affenarten vorfinden kann. Für unsere Kinder ist dieser Ausflug ein absolutes Highlight, zumal viele der Kinder überhaupt noch nie in einem Wald waren. Das Geschrei der Colobus Affen, das Plantschen unterm Wasserfall und das gemeinsame Picknick erhöhte den Spaßfaktor zusätzlich…

british-flag.jpg Our administrator at The Nest in Limuru tells us about this year’s trip to Gatamaiyu Forest : On 20th of August 2013, our children with the staff were treated to a very interesting trip to Gatamaiyu Forest. This is one of the few places in Kenya where one can see ancient trees both exotic and indigenous vegetation. Most of the trees in the forest are medicinal. We had to practically try one to see if it helps to stop bleeding from cuts or injuries. We too learned about the different types of birds found there. The chattering of the Colobus monkeys added us more fun. They could be heard down the river valley.
We soon sat down for a picnic. The freshness of the atmosphere could be felt, confirming that trees purify the air.
Then it was time for us to walk down to the Gatamaiyu river to see the 18 feet waterfall. The children were very excited! Some of them quickly took their shoes off and plunged into the stream at the bottom of the waterfall. They enjoyed splashing the water, using sticks to check the depth of the stream at different spots. We let them enjoy it to their satisfaction.
Back at the bus we shared the exciting stories about our trip as we took our last snack. This was indeed a thrilling experience. Our children can now understand the need to conserve our environment especially the forests. They will tell you that the forests are important for us to receive rain, maintain our streams and rivers, purify the air we breath, provide fuel wood and also give us medicine. This is to name just but a few. Big thanks to all those who enabled this trip!

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