Easter greetings / Ostergrüße

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Our teenage boys with our Nest rabbits wishing you a Happy Easter 2011!

Breaking news / Aktuelle Neuigkeiten

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british-flag.jpg March 30, 2011 “President Kibaki has released 6,942 prisoners to decongest penal facilities” (click to read more) What does that mean for us at The Nest/ Halfway House? Eight mothers from Langata women’s prison in Nairobi whose children are at The Nest, are amongst the released. Six of them came in right away and were reunited with their children this very morning! What joy! Look at all those hugs! 

Now the Halfway House accomodates an extra six mothers with all of their children – those of you who have been at the Halfway House can imagine how crowded the rooms are with mothers and children sleeping in bunk beds – two mothers sharing a room. Two more mothers are said to have been released in Nyeri, a little town north of Nairobi. One of our socialworkers has left, to go and pick them up, so they can be with their children, too.

Looking in the mirrow of the car to see if the dream has really come true?! This mother saw her daughter last when the girl was a baby!

A big challenge lies ahead of us. We will have to find out what the individual needs of each mother are and how we can help them set up a plan for their lives and finally get them settled back into society.

Six new mothers at the Halfway House with their children who came in this morning from The Nest in Limuru (far right: Lucy, one of our social workers, far left: a mother who has been at the Halfway House for a while)

Despite feeling very happy for the mothers and children, we are shocked by how these mothers have been exposed to randomn acts of authorities in their lives. This time it turned to their good. Lets hope and pray that their future looks brighter.